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  • Our trained service technicians will repair your product at our store or come to your home, whatever is more convenient for you.
  • Joe Schneider
  • Fond du Lac

Service Tips

Maximize cooling efficiency! Avoid using unnecessary energy by keeping your refrigerator too cold. For greatest efficiency, set refrigerators at 40 F and freezers at 0F.

Avoid a household flood! If leaving on a trip that will take you away from home for several days, close the water valves that flow water into your washer. This will eliminate the risk of a flooded laundry room should the hose break while you are gone.

At a minimum, annually remove the toe grill from the bottom front of your refrigerator and vacuum the condenser coils. Be extremely cautious doing this so you do not damage a coil. Clean coils will ensure the refrigerator to run more efficiently and last

If purchasing a glass (ceran) top electric range, be sure the cookware you use has a flat bottom. If pans wobble, crown or have concave bottom the heat will not be distributed evenly and your cooking will not be precise.

Service personnel did a great job of installing and explaining our new product!
Donald K. - Fond du Lac

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