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  • A great home theater is the sum of many elements. These elements include room construction, audio performance, image size and viewing distance, component placement, lighting, décor and system control.
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    Tom S.

    President & Owner

    Since 1978

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  • What is HDTV?

    Answer provided by Tom - President & Owner

    HDTV offers home television images with the detail and clarity of motion pictures. Digital HDTV signals are free of the interference, which means no "ghosting" or "snowy" pictures. HDTV gives you a sharp, clear picture every time.
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    John M.


    Since 2006

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  • Can I watch regular TV shows through my home theater projector?

    Answer provided by John - Sales

    Yes! Home theater projectors are now made to play whatever is currently running through your cable/satellite receiver. One of our sales team members can explain this more in depth for you!