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    Karen W.


    Since 1988

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  • What color appliances do most customers choose for their homes?

    Answer provided by Karen - Sales

    All colors are very popular with consumers these days. Laundry rooms have truly evolved with the colors that are available with washers and dryers. From black to red, green and grey, many color options are out there for laundry rooms. Kitchen appliance colors remain a decision of mainly white, black, bisque, stainless steel and custom made panels. Which one of these is right for you? Take into consideration your counter tops, cabinets and flooring when deciding on the appliance color that will best fit the room.
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    Scott L.


    Since 1988

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  • What is the difference from a free standing range to a built in cooktop?

    Answer provided by Scott - Sales

    A free standing range will be set in place where the range opening is. A built in cooktop is fitted specifically for your countertop. The countertop will have an opening cut in it that fits the cooktop. A seperate wall oven is often worked into the kitchen layout when a cooktop is being used.